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Seed Germination Pouch (large)

Catalog Number: CYG-98LB
QYT: 100ea/Case (100 seed germination pouch, 5 supporting plate, 40 clips)
Size: Height: 30cm width: 25cm
Applications: Nematology, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Legume Inoculation, Tissue Transfer, Comparative Studies




1. The seed germination pouch was developed as an inexpensive, space-saving replacement for pots and similar containers used to grow plants, the seed germination pouch includes two parts, the pouch and the paper wick, the paper wick is put in the pouch . 
2. Seeds are placed in the trough formed by the paper wick, water or a substrate of choice is added and the pouch is placed in an upright position. The composition of the nutrient solution can be varied as desired.
3. Most seeds can be grown in the seed germination pouch. However, if the seeds is very small, such as tobacco seeds , it is better to use small Seed germination pouch (14 cm height x 12.5 cm width) ; if the seeds is large, such as wheat, it is better to use medium seed germination pouch (18 cm height x 12.5 cm width). 
4. large seed germination pouch (30cm height x 25 cm width) suitable for plants need growing longer, it can offer enough space for the root growth.
5. The seed germination pouch can be sterilized at 121°C for 15 minutes, the seed germination pouch we provided is sterile. we also provide supporting plates and clips which is good to help the pouch erect. 
6. Excess water may inhibit seed germination or cause mildewed. The initial stage of fluid should not exceed 80 ml. 
7. The seed germination pouch is space-saving tool, the growth of root system can be observed visually, the seed germination pouch can be well used in research on drought tolerance and salt-tolerant of plant in seedling stage. 
8. If the seeds is dicotyledons (such as soybean) or hard seed coats (such as rice) we advise it is better to put the seeds in the seed germination pouch after soaking.


Because of its unique design, the seed germination pouch is widely used in: 
Nematology Plant Physiology Plant Pathology Legume Inoculation Tissue Transfer Comparative Studies 
The seed germination pouch is used by universities and research institutions all over the worldwide.

 Flow Charts:

Fig1. Seed Germination Pouch(large)Display 

 Fig2. Cut along the dotted line 

 Fig3. Fixing Seed Germination Pouch with supporting plate and clips 

 Fig4. Fixed Seed Germination Pouch 

 Fig5. Put Seeds 

 Fig6. Add water or nutrient solution to the seed germination pouch 

 Fig7. Waiting for the seed germination 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does the seed germination pouch work? 
By capillarity. The trough has small perforations that allow the root to pass through, making the root development visible. The seeds are placed in the trough located at the top of the seed germination pouch and the water is deposited at the bottom of the seed germination pouch. The water moves upwards via the paper wick. Once it reaches the trough, it will moisten the seed. 
2. How much water is placed in the pouch? 
In most cases, 80ml(Depending on the size of seeds)should suffice. We suggest that you'd better clamp the top of the Seed germination pouch with one or more clip after adding water to the Seed germination pouch which is conducive to ensure the paper moisture. 
3. How often should the pouch be refilled with water? 
It varies. Some seeds will consume the water faster than other seeds. The best criteria is to keep the wick moist at all times. Pay attention to the water at the bottom of the Seed Germination pouch periodically and add water in time to avoid dry. 
4. Are there any nutrients or chemicals in the pouch? 
No, the material is free of any nutrients or chemicals. It is completely inert. 
5. Can the ink streak that sometimes appears in the paper wick affect the results? 
No, the ink is made of inert material and will not affect the results of any experiment. 
6. Can the pouch be reused? 
No. The Seed Germination pouch is designed to be used only once. Re-using the Seed Germination pouch will contaminate the media and alter the results. 
7. Is the pouch sterile? 
We provide two kinds of pouch: sterile and non-sterile. 
8. Can the pouch be sterilized? 
Yes, the Seed Germination pouch can be autoclaved. The Seed Germination pouch is designed to withstand that process. 
9. How long can I keep the germinated seeds in the pouch? 
Around three weeks. Usually by the three week the wick will start to break down. 
10. What are the dimensions of the Seed Germination pouch? 
The scale on each side of the Seed Germination pouch is easy to measure root length. The work size of the Seed Germination pouch for small seeds is 14 cm height x 12.5 cm width (CAT#:CYG-19LB); The work size of the Seed Germination pouch for large seeds is 18 cm height x 12.5 cm width (CAT#: CYG-38LB); The work size of the Seed Germination pouch for larger seeds is 30 cm height x 25cm width (CAT#: CYG-98LB).
11. What kind of shelf can be used to support Seed germination pouch? 
We develop acrylic shelf(CAT#:CYG-fyj) and supporting plate, using the two products and combineing with clips can help the Seed germination pouch erect. One supporting plate only can support one Seed germination pouch. You can put 10 Seed germination pouch in the shelf, but the shelf and the supporting plate should not be sterilized.